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Firestarter Entertanment

Hi Nicole and FSE,

please enjoy my on camera reel, vocal reel, clip from the last five years, and promo of the broadway boys. 

Hope we can connect further.
Best Wishes,

And that’s all she wrote for the Lun Tha

in 2017 & 2018, traveled the country with Lincoln Center Theater's 1st Nat. tour of The King And I.
starring Laura Michelle Kelly and Jose Llana, directed by bartlett sher. 

Tonight was bitter sweet. Our dear _laur

2023 Year in review thus far: 

* V/o for Ghenshin Impact Musical tribute. Music & Lyrics by Marcus Perkins & Kim Jinhyoung.

*toured the country with the broadway boys

*played "dad" in Youngmee by Michelle rocquet.

-played the Japanese god "susanoo" in a workshop of black samurai.

-Played Col. Park in Two Days & three Nights by Marcus Perkins & Kim Jinhyoung.

-recorded demos for Jason Ma and Christine Toy Johnson's "Broken Ground"






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