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Learn 1x Share 2x

What does it mean?

Learn 1x Share 2x is inspired by something Chris Do, CEO and founder of the futur said. The idea is rather simple but needs a little unpacking.

For every one thing you consume, learn, or absorb, you need to share or create 2x the ouput. What I love about this concept is that every person may interpret it slightly different and the result will vary depending on what lens the person is looking at it with.

6 years ago, I was at a point on my creative journey where I wasn't practicing my craft for enjoyment. I would practice with the goal of getting better but not to truly embrace the things I loved about my art. To be completely honest, it was a moment in time of when I did not know what that actually looked like. Enter the universe nudging me....

Two of my friends (both with the same first name) and I met every week for 6 months or so with the sole purpose to explore material, monologues, songs, scenes that would challenge us and push us out of our comfort zone. The catch was you didn't pick your material. The other two did. We had themes, some would be material by the same composer, next week would be roles that we never thought possible to explore, etc.

During this time I began to really fall in love with my craft and art again. Endless possibilities revealed themselves when we explored those unfamiliar areas. I learned so much about myself in that time and really contribute that moment to be a new starting point. The fire was lit and still burns today. The discovery: what makes me happy at all times is to create with no expectation. If I put something out in the world with no expectation, it always ceases to amaze me what possibilities exist and are created right before my very eyes. Add 2x to the equation and who knows what possibilities await.

Add media to your posts

When creating your posts you can:

  • Upload images or GIFs

  • Embed videos and music

  • Create galleries to showcase a media collection

Customize the look of your media by making it widescreen or small and easily align media inside your posts.

Hashtag your posts

Love to #hashtag? Good news!

You can add tags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people. Why hashtag? People can use your hashtags to search through content on your blog and find the content that matters to them. So go ahead and #hashtag away!

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