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Check out the latest Kevin's Corner: "On Being Comfortably Uncomfortable"

Inspired by Master Alba teacher, Patricia Angelin--> Check out her website

Take A Listen Below!


...Qi gong is this modality which is, helps create an awareness

of the energy in your body and how you move, how it flows and you know,

there is one stance called the horse stance.

And we would just sit in this thing for like 15 minutes. My quads would be burning but it’s like kind of getting to that moment where you get into that mindset of being comfortably uncomfortable.


It really was it’s like you have to find the moment where you could just

Not tune out, you could be present in the moment, but your internal focus

And put that in ease and calm that

And put those everything you are thinking about and outside of the four walls you're in. You could transport yourself to that place of being comfortably uncomfortable.

It’s where change, growth happens, those discoveries that’s here it happens….

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