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Appearing in "A Grand Night For Singing" at Goodspeed Musicals

Confirmed Performing Dates:  10/23. 10/24,

11/03-11/07, 11/10-11/14

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My STory

I was born and raised in the diverse Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park.  I am mixed race (Chinese, Irish, Bohemian, etc.).  I have always appreciated so many different forms of art and storytelling which led me to training at the acclaimed Piven Theatre. There I was introduced to improv, ensemble theatre, and Viewpoints. Shortly after, I continued my training at Illinois Wesleyan University, furthering discovering Laban, stage combat, and more.  

Currently, I'm based out of NYC, continuing training at Jen Waldman Studio, and Alba Technique under the tutelage of Master Teacher Patricia Angelin. 


to bridge our common ground so that we reveal our infinite possibilities  

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